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 Mid selfie I rolled over a bear trap. Or a shark tooth, can't be sure.  Two steps forward. #theprocess #triathlon
 I'm really passionate about hydration.. Don't even get me started. #ironmantraining #ironmanfueling #ironmaneating Actually, real talk for a minute, I just remembered a conversation I had with a dude in a bike shop the other day. He told me all about an athlete who told him how they didn't actually use a product they were endorsing. What the F. Don't accept money from companies that you don't believe in. It's complete BS. You're taking away opportunities from athletes who actually like/need that product and making it impossible for the rest of us to convince fans/consumers/peers that we're not full of shit. I love telling people point blank: I love Red Bull, I drink it during races and most hard workouts and the same goes for every other piece of equipment I use. Sacrificing integrity and honesty isn't worth the money. #givesyouwings #proud #sponsorship  @outer_elements  Uber driver: how was the race? "Bad" He chuckles. "Not much hesitation there." All Southern Drawl. I sigh. "No need to sugar coat it" -That one was rough and I hate going slow. Every excuse under the moon; cancelled swim, sprint distance, suana-like conditions.. but it still comes down to the run for me. It's been my most frustrating journey, and it feels like two steps forward, one step back at times. Some days feeling incredible, fluid, fast, and some days like I belong more in the single-leg amputee race. I've got two weeks in San Diego to work on things before heading to Tongyeong, South Korea for another opportunity to show off the two steps forward part of the process. #theprocess #beautifulstruggle #travelday
 Oceanside, you don't suck. #sunsetrun #sosandiego #runshots #lovethepain  Race week vibes captured perfectly by @rockyarroyophotography : prep·a·ra·tion ˌprepəˈrāSH(ə)n/ noun -the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration. -something done to get ready for an event or undertaking. #triathlon #triathlonlife #ironmantri #ironmantriathlon #athletics #athletic #actionshot #fitness #sportscenter #sportsnation #sportsshooter #sportsphotographer #sportsphotography #total_sportpics #triathlonphotography #triathlonphoto #endurance #endurancetraining #enduranceracing #bikelife #3athlonlife #triathlon_in_the_world #tricommunity #triathlonlife #athletes #sports_of_our_world #tri365 #triathletemagazine #redbull
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Who I Am

Early Years

I’ve always been very active, even as a kid. I loved building jumps in my family’s Oregon cul-de-sac to launch my wagon and my bike into orbit. I kept building and playing in sun or rain until my Mother’s call for dinner took on clear tones of fury. I started swimming competitively around age 6 and I quickly discovered how much I loved to compete and push the limits. I started racing local cycling events, and immediately fell in love with that two-wheeled rocket. I completed my first triathlon when I was 12.


I kept up the occasional triathlon to supplement my swim training for a few years, but this great sport gained momentum in my life. I joined a collegiate cross country squad to help develop my running ability and managed to win an 18-19 USAT National Championship. I qualified for both my pro card and entry into the U23 World Championships in 2012. In 2013, I joined The Triathlon Squad, moved to Poway and completed my first full professional season.


Pro Triathletes are expected to write race reports, but nobody reads race reports. Seeking a better way to communicate, and an outlet for some bottled up creative juices, I took on some intensive research and experimenting with online videos. Thanks to the incredible support from friends, sponsors and the online triathlon community, I’ve stayed motivated to keep pushing the envelope of triathlon race and life videography. I want my videos to be visually engaging as well as rich in honest content for people interested in the sport I love.

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