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 The new way to start open water swims. #cliffjump #solsticesessions @outer_elements #triathlonisawesome #allfortheswim  Washington on the left, Oregon on the right. Bridges are overrated. #solsticesessions @outer_elements #openwaterswimming #allfortheswim #triathlonisawesome
 Riding is Spain isn't terrible. #triatlon #roadslikethese #seenonmyride  Take that, Europe. #pacificnorthwest Facemelting photography: @outer_elements  #solsticesessions seriously cannot wait for this video to drop #givesyouwings #trailrun #pacnwlove #swimbikerun #transitionfour
 Bros and bikes. #livingthedream #solsticesessions #roadslikethese #givesyouwings  Yesterday was beyond rad thanks to a lot of people, but these two guys in particular really went the distance. Danny drove sag for over 260km, and Matt got 6 stitches in his face and still made it back out for the last run down Maryhill at sunset. Stoked on life, and stoked to share the story. Love these guys. #friends #friendswhosend #solsticesessions
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Who I Am

Early Years

I’ve always been very active, even as a kid. I loved building jumps in my family’s Oregon cul-de-sac to launch my wagon and my bike into orbit. I kept building and playing in sun or rain until my Mother’s call for dinner took on clear tones of fury. I started swimming competitively around age 6 and I quickly discovered how much I loved to compete and push the limits. I started racing local cycling events, and immediately fell in love with that two-wheeled rocket. I completed my first triathlon when I was 12.


I kept up the occasional triathlon to supplement my swim training for a few years, but this great sport gained momentum in my life. I joined a collegiate cross country squad to help develop my running ability and managed to win an 18-19 USAT National Championship. I qualified for both my pro card and entry into the U23 World Championships in 2012. In 2013, I joined The Triathlon Squad, moved to Poway and completed my first full professional season.


Pro Triathletes are expected to write race reports, but nobody reads race reports. Seeking a better way to communicate, and an outlet for some bottled up creative juices, I took on some intensive research and experimenting with online videos. Thanks to the incredible support from friends, sponsors and the online triathlon community, I’ve stayed motivated to keep pushing the envelope of triathlon race and life videography. I want my videos to be visually engaging as well as rich in honest content for people interested in the sport I love.

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