Viking Life – No Olympics

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I really didn’t have much intention of making a video following Yokohama WTS. I shot some footage through the process, but more out of habit than anything. While deciding on my race schedule over the last week, I started looking through some of the footage and I figured I’d just be 100% honest. Making these has always been a way for me to step back and process things from another perspective. It’s been hard, but pretty exciting deciding what to do after this weekend’s Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, but I think I’m almost there. I feel like I have more in me with ITU, and I want to go to the Games in Tokyo, but there certainly isn’t one road between here and there. I’ve been working super hard following this injury, and I think I’ll go back to my attitude from last year; racing any race that gives me a chance to use the work I’ve put in. I’ve posted a schedule on my website. Thanks for following along!

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