Short Vid: The Only Hill That Matters

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Matt Mcelroy and Greg Billington getting after it in Poway, California.

Backstory: I had the afternoon off, since I did this workout the day before, and I thought I’d head out and play with a couple shots I’d been picturing in my head. Lessons of the day: always bring a REAL tripod when shooting with a long (zoomed in) lense, and SET WHITE BALANCE on the drone. The colors are all de-saturated in this, because I forgot to adjust the setting on my drone camera for the changing light conditions. The non-drone shots came out beautiful, and the drone shots came out almost brown. I’m not a master of color correction during editing, so I had to meet somewhere in between. I’m calling it “the retro look”. Anyway, I had a lot of fun shooting this and then editing it, and I figure I can share my learning experiences with you guys.


DJI Phantom 4
Panasonic Gh3
Edited with Final Cut Pro X

Buy the song: EchoDroides are some awesome dudes with awesome music, and they let me use this song for free! Check them out!

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