Viking Life: Chilling In Tremblant

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I realized I that the hobby I started to take my mind off of the stress of expectation in triathlon, had slowly started to become a sources of stress and expectation itself. So I just decided to film what I wanted draw conclusions later.

I started off with filming a horror-esque mini-video with Alice as the main character. I’ve always wanted to make some videos from her point of view, so this was a welcome opportunity. My one regret is that I never managed to get a shot of her actually doing something scary. She never tears apart a stuffed animal or gnaws a bone, she usually just naps. So I had my work cut out for me. Actors..

Sounds Like an Earful – “Chill Synth”
Magic Sword – “Kill Them All”
Ghasper – “Foley”
Les Academiciens 2016 – “Toi + Moi”

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